Ella International Lesbian Festival

Hey everyone! we are very excited to be joining ELLA 2015 for some fun in the sun. If you haven't heard of ELLA yet here is a bit of info to catch you up to speed. It is Sept. 1-9th in Palma, Mallorca Spain. Last year over 2000 women attended, and this year will be the 3rd bigger and longer edition! There will be everything from beach activities, ELLA talks, soccer, massages, yoga, live music, djs, gastronomy and cultural tours and more.

Since we are pretty experienced on how to pack light for a trip, we wanted to share what’s going into our bags so you can be just as prepared as we are.  

#1 - Swimsuit(s): Ella is packed with beach parties and days of lounging and playing in the sun. While you can probably get away with only packing swimsuits, we can think of a few other essentials.

#2 - Flip Flops: This one’s a no brainer. Pack these since they take up less room.

#3 - Camera: Your smartphone will do just fine for this, but there will absolutely be some memories you want to capture.

#4 - Sunscreen: Don’t let the lobster burn happen…the ladies won’t find that attractive.

#5- Towel: If you don’t bring one you will have to buy one.

#6 - Sarong/Super lightweight long sleeve: Sarong’s are super versatile and can go from being a cover up to serving the same purpose as a towel. Not to stereotype but this one is a bit more for the ladies. For the gentle ladies a lightweight long sleeve is essential for those times when you’ve had a little too much sun exposure but don’t want to go in just yet.

#7 - Chapstick with sun protection: Your lips are one of your most valuable assets! Keep them protected…you never know when you’ll need them most.

#8 - Flowy loose clothing: We know you will bring your flyest summer gear, keep in mind Spain is MUY CALIENTE!

#9 - Hat: Whether it’s a snap-back or your biggest sun hat, you will be glad to have some shelter.

#10 - Sunglasses: I mean…duh.

We are super excited to enjoy ELLAwith all of you. Did we miss anything? What are your must haves? See you at the beach!

ELLA:  www.ellafestival.com for agenda, info and tickets. 

Festival Details

ELLA Talks : 2nd September. A day of inspirational talks given by top international figures in the fields of politics, tourism, culture

ELLA Festival : 3rd to the 6th of September at Cala Mayor. ELLA Beach + Daytime Beach Activities + Party Nights (see www.ellafestival.com for full details) 

ELLA Mix : 7th and 8th of September. An international lesbian cinema event.

More information about the ELLA Festival can be found at www.ellafestival.com